Consolidated report

A single reference document to consolidate the findings of the below reports, including an executive summary and conclusions.

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Report 1 − Stock-taking

Stock-taking provides an inventory of all of the research that has been conducted to date, along with applications and experience, in EU Member States, EFTA, candidate countries and around the world, and provides an up-to-date description of the state-of-the-art in using mobile positioning data in research and applications in tourism statistics and related domains. It serves as input for research that has been conducted in the subsequent tasks of the feasibility study. The report emphasises existing problems and solutions in technology, methodology, and regulations and other aspects of accessibility in terms of mobile positioning data.


Report 2 − Feasibility of access

Report 2 - Feasibility of Access assesses the potential opportunities and obstacles in terms of gaining access to passive mobile positioning data  from mobile network operators. The main focus is on access to the data in order to produce official tourism statistics for the NSIs, but other usages are also considered. The report concentrates on regulatory, business and technological barriers along with practical access to the data.

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Report 3a − Feasibility of use, methodological issues

Identification of, description for, and possible solutions to a number of issues in a long chain of raw data processing so that it can be included in qualitative statistical results. The described methodology is evaluated by using different quality aspects. In addition to tourism statistics, the report provides an assessment of possible relevance of mobile positioning data for other fields of statistics.


Report 3b − Feasibility of use, coherence

An evaluation of coherence between official statistical indicators on the national and regional levels and mobile positioning data-based estimations and results. The qualitative element of the report is to describe the reasons for deviations in these data sources. The report does not repeat the methodological issues described in Report 3a but rather quantifies the total impact of the methodology.


Report 4 − Opportunities and benefits

Opportunities and benefits that using mobile positioning-based datasets provide to different users of tourism statistics on vertical (international, national, regional and local) as well as horizontal (different fields of implementation) levels. Emphasizes the different perspectives of potential gains covering financial and implementation benefits. The assessment touches five different perspectives: quality, cost, access to new indicators, synergies, and transmission.



You can find official copies of the reports on Eurostat's website.